Lenovo, shipping process and customer support

Short story

  • I ordered the laptop on 06/11/08.
  • The initial estimated ship date: 07/02/08.
  • In around one week they told me that my laptop will be shipped on 06/28/08.
  • After 06/28/08 I found out that my new shipping date will be in the week of 07/07/08 or 07/13/08.
  • On 07/03/08 the shipping date is updated on Lenovo website to 08/06/08.
  • On 07/03/08 I cancel the order.
  • After I canceled the order, the laptop is shipped (on on the same date: 07/03/08).
  • The laptop was delivered by UPS on 07/07/08 and it works properly.

Long story

On 06/11/08, I ordered a Lenovo Thinkpad R61 laptop from Lenovo.com website. After the order was processed, I saw on the status page that my estimated shipping date is 07/02/08 as you can see in the following screenshot.

lenovo 1

lenovo 1

After one week (around 06/17/08) I called customer service to check up my notebook status and the lady whom I spoke to told me that the notebook will be shipped around 06/28/08. On 06/30/08 I called again because the status page wasn't updated and I find out that my shipping date was delayed to sometime around the week of 07/13/08. But on Lenovo website the shipping time was the same (07/02/08). After I talked to the lady, I wrote them an email (on 06/30/08) and in the email that I receive on 07/01/08 they told me that they estimate the shipping date around 07/07/08.

Quote from their email:

We apologize for any frustration we may have caused. We have contacted our supply team about this issue and they have updated your estimated ship date to July 7th, 2008.

On 07/03/08 the status on Lenovo website was updated. To 08/06/08. So almost two months after my order. See the following screenshot.

lenovo 2

lenovo 2

After I saw the new estimated ship date, I wrote them an email in which I canceled my order, but they didn't answer my email. Around 3pm (07/03/08) in the same day I called them and I ask them to cancel my order. They said that it will take 24 hours to confirm the cancellation. Around 10pm (07/03/08) I checked my email and I receive an email from Lenovo in which they told me that my laptop was shipped, even though as I told you, I already canceled the order. See the following screenshot.

lenovo 3

lenovo 3

So after all these, they were late with my shipment by only one day.

On 07/05/08 I receive an email response to my email in which I cancel my order. The answer at my cancellation was this:

We see that your order has been shipped already with UPS tracking number xyz. You may track the progress of your delivery in the UPS website using the track number provided.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience .

On 07/07/08 UPS delivered me the laptop. Everything was ok with the laptop and it works properly. The funny part is that UPS try to deliver the laptop to apartment #3 instead of apartment #5. Luckily nobody was home and I heard them knocking on the door of apartment #3. I checked to see if they come and they did.

In conclusion, I think ThinkPad laptops are very good, but Lenovo shipping and customer support suck big time.

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